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Situational Urbanism: Braunschweig's City Entries

Aesthetics and Art History, Campus

Character of event

Location of event
Ground floor, Mensaforum

05.07.2011 - 10.07.2011

10:00 - 20:00

The era of master plans, mega structures, and the realignment of boundaries have at least in Europe come to an end. Today, Design and Planning are the focus of conversations about abandoned industrial areas, fallow sites, and over-dimensional traffic ways. At the same time, empty space with transitory and situational temporary usages are being revitalized. Urbanites and artists are reacting to the diagnosis of shrinking cities with a variety of new action forms. The constructed environment is no longer a ready-made, but rather referential space based on architectural theory and space concepts. Students of the HBK (Prof. Dr. Mönninger) and the TU (Prof. Uwe Brederlau) examine former town gates, which are now buried underneath traffic ways, for example, Kennedy- und Europaplatz. To begin with, the historical transformation of the central problem zones were analyzed and then the potential for change was explored. Consequentially, the students developed practical suggestions for the transformation and reinvention of the city entries, which are documented in texts, photographs, graphics, drawings, and videos.