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»Mitten ins Herz – Alles Liebe oder was?«

Communication Design / Communication Arts, Campus

Character of event

Location of event
Bldg. 01, hallway on the second floor

05.07.2011 - 10.07.2011

10:00 - 20:00

Graphic design students show ironic, satirical, critical, contemplative, entertaining, interpretations, and ideas for billboard designs and notebooks on the topic Right Through the Heart - Is Everything Love or What? The german studentwerk asked students about their emotional connection to their studies. What sort of sentiment do they have; indifference, distance, anger or love? Do they love their alma mater, studies, area of subject? Do they feel like part of their school? Or is further education a rational means to an end. Is there such a thing as a student attitude towards life? If so, what is it, what does it look like? Quickly pushing oneself to the front, is that what students are concerned with today? What does it mean to study under the structure of a bachelor system in addition to paying tutition? Prof. Klaus Paul, Tutor Christof Görs